As we are all aware that, our life is governed by the movement of planets around the Sun. And it is also an established fact that our health and luck depends on the position of planets at the time of our birth. An obvious example of it is the women’s menses cycle, which very precisely coincides with the movement of moon of 27-28 days. Our heartbeat of 72 times per minute is also linked with the rotation of earth and so on. So the time we were born and the position of different planets at the time of our birth, is the most important factor to be considered. Keeping this in view, if we consider the negative effect of planets and protect ourselves from it, a lot of our health & luck problems would be solved.

How each of the planets revolving around the Sun effects our
Health is given below:-

* Sun - Life force, Blood, Brain, Right Eye of Male and left eye of female.
* Moon - Blood circulation, Coolness, Breasts of lady, Left Eye of Male, Right eye of woman.
* Mercury - Brains, Breathing systems, Lungs, Tongue, Voice, Hands, Arms, Body hairs.
* Jupiter - Blood, Liver, Nervous system, Right Ear, Fat.
* Venus - Throat, Face, Body colours, Parts of Sex organs.
* Mars - Nose, forehead, Muscles, Sex organs & Gall bladder.
* Saturn - Bones, Joint, Teeth, Glands, Knees & Spleen.

Lucky Stones for different Health Problems : -

1.Diseases of Lungs - Coral, Emerald & Pearl.
2. For Urine related & Kidney problems - Coral & Sapphire.
3. Depression, Lethargy, Anaemia - Red Ruby, Coral.
4. Nervous system -Topaz
5. Health & Energy - Green Emerald.
6. Overall calm, tension, mental disorders -Sapphire, Turquoise.

Few sayings / quotations regarding health :-

** Eat only half, drink three times and laugh four times**
****Anger destroys the wisdom****
***Worry reduces the age***
****Take bath only after, at least one hour of having meals, or travelling or after sleeping or doing exercises****
***Do not drink water immediately after taking meals; wait at least for half an hour***

To keep yourself healthy, do not eat the following items in the months of :-

* April - Jaggery (Gur)
* May - Oil
* August- Green leafy vegetable (Saag)
* September - Curd
* Aug. -Sept.- Do not take meals after Sun-Set during these two months.
* October - Bitter Gourd (Karela)
* December - Cumin seeds (Jeera)
* March - Grams.

Home Remedies / Homeopathic / spiritual healings

***** There is no difference between the food and the medicine *****

* Stop immediately all milk products and milk.
* Take bio-chemic combination no 2 of homeopathy, in addition to the regular allopathic medicine you are using.
* Wear an "Emerald" in gold ring.
* Keep a "Budh Yantra" made as per your date of birth always with you.

Cough & Cold
* Totally stop the following items in their diet for one month : Use of Peanut or groundnut oil in any form, peanut butter, roasted peanuts, Orange, Banana, Curd, Onion in any form (Raw or in Burger or in vegetables), Spices like clove, Cinamona, Chilly and dry fruits, specially Cashewnut, Almond etc.
* Take the Bio-Chemic Remedy Number -6.

Apply a paste of Curd & Besan (Gram flour) and Fenugreek (Methi). Apply for 30 minutes (Massage into the scalp with fingers) and then wash.

* The powder of seeds of Fenugreek (Methi) taken two to three times a day helps control the sugar in blood and urine.
* The diabetes can also be controlled when you drink water kept overnight with leaves of Guava tree and Vinka Rosia (Sadabahar) in it.

* Mix the Onion juice and black pepper powder in water and give it to the sick person to drink as much as he can.

* Boil Tobacco leaves in water and let it cool. Filter it and give a spoon both morning and evening to the epilepsy patient. He will be cured in a week.

* Take Anwala Murabba or raw Anwala, 2-3 soaked Almonds, Aneeseed (Saunf) and Carrots with your food. * Walk at least for 45 minutes a day, preferably in the morning, bare foot on grass.
* Keep a spiritual "Shree Surya Panchdashi Yantra" made as per your date of birth on a copper plate, always with you. This yantra is so powerful and effective that only within a period of 45-90 days of keeping it with you, you will observe a noticable improvement in your eyes.
* Use the following eye drops - Mix a little of roasted Alum (fitkari) and 1-2 drops of Garlic juice in Rose water. Use it morning and evening to improve your eyesight or cure other eye troubles.
* Reasons for Eye problems - Too much Sun, Television, Computer, Cigarette, Dry food, working late in the night, Tea etc.

* Apply the juice of Tulsi (Basil) mixed with lemon juice to clear any type of blemishes or spots on face.

* Take the homeopathic medicine "Arnica 200" . And Bio-Chemic medicine - Nat Mur 12X * Do the massage of effected area with Coconut Oil for at least 15 minutes daily.

High Blood Pressure & Heart
* Along with allopathic medicines one has to keep strict control on diet.
* It is possible to even reverse the heart problems by not using oil or ghee at all, by taking only boiled vegetables, doing yogic exercises, and by living a tension free life.
* Daily intake of Aspirin, even one tenth of one tablet, with the advice of doctor avoids chances of heart attacks.
* Daily intake of Lemon and Anwala keeps the heart strong and healthy.
* Remember all spices produce cardiovascular diseases.
* Daily intake of sprouted Grams and Moong makes the heart muscles strong.

Infertility (Childrens)
* Take Anwala & Liquorice with milk.
* Take Brahmi (Ginko Biloba) with milk.
* Wear two face rudraksha around your neck.
* Wear a lucky stone "Coral" (Moonga) in gold ring.
* Keep a spiritual yantra "Shree Nav-Santan Gopal Yantra" which is made on a copper plate as per your date of birth. With its blessings of Lord Krishna on it, you will be immediately blessed with a child.

Impotency (Sex Power)
* Commonly available items in your kitchen, to increase strength are :- Lemon Pickle, Ladies finger, Lotus stalk, Curry leaves, Cinnamona.
* Other items, which are also helpful - Anwala, Ripe Guava, Banana, Musk -Melon , Dry Dates boiled in milk etc.

* Mix crystal sugar in the juice of Radish and drink in the morning and evening.

Kidney Stone
* Take raw Cucumber, Onion & Melon (Musk melon) for 30 days continously.
* To avoid formation of stone, wear an Iron ring in the middle finger of your right hand.

Longevity (Long life)
For Longevity - You have to keep three things in proper working order i.e Brain, Body and Internal organs like stomach, liver, lungs, heart etc. And also increase your Prana, the life giving force.
1. For brain - Take the herb Brahmi (Ginko Biloba) & Triphla powder. And keep repeating any suitable mantra in your mind i.e. "Om Namah Shvae"
2. For Body functions - Walk as much as possible and take vitamin B-Complex.
3. For keeping the Internal organs working - Prefer liquid foods and do light exercises.
4. For increasing life force - Breath deeply down to your stomach in fresh air and do pranayam.

Loose Motion/ Dysentery
* Make a paste of dry pomegranate seeds (Anardana) and Raisin (Kishmis) with a little of salt in it , It is a very effective remedy.

Liver / Spleen
* Eat Raw Radish with salt for liver or spleen problems.

Obesity (Fatness)
* Take the water of boiled rice with salt daily in the morning on empty stomach.
* Wear ring made of tin metal on your middle finger.
* Keep a spiritual "Shree Nav-Maha Mritunjaya Yantra" made as per your date of birth on a copper plate, always with you. This yantra is so powerful and effective that only within a period of 45-90 days of keeping it with you, all your planets related problems will be removed and new cells will be generated in your body to remove the obesity.

Stomach troubles
* Soak an equal amount of Pomegranate (Anar) seeds in Rose water overnight. Drink it in the morning to remove all types of stomach troubles and eye diseases.

* The best powder for teeth is salt and turmeric mixed with a little of mustard oil. Apply on your gums and keep for at least 10 minutes.
***** He who eats hot food or drinks hot tea or milk, loses his teeth before old age *****

Take black pepper and dry ginger to clear your throat and make your voice clear and sweet.

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