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Do you know that the power of a mantra lies in its words? Similarly, our luck lies in our name. It is that mystic sound, or vibrations, to which only we respond. Your Name is the most powerful mantra for you. It can improve your life, boost your Luck, bring Money and Unlimited Wealth, improve your Health and also improve your Love Life.

See How :-

EXAMPLE - The name "MEENA" has the influence of Sun, Venus and double Mars. - She loves a boy, but the boy is not interested in her. She wish to attract him. If by modifying her name, and increasing the power of Venus and reducing the power of Mars, her love attraction can improve immediately. So if she changes her name to MEERA the boy will be immediately attracted towards her and she can win over him.


With years of hard & painstaking research in this field we have developed this most effective and powerful system of analyzing your name and suggesting you the most favourable NAMES. This system is based on the ancient Indian astrological science and the influence of planets on our life.



(Note: the actual names of people have been changed due to confidentiality reason )

Anamika, Florida - I just used the Name suggested by you. I got pretty surprising result. I had earlier broke up with the person, but only after probably 23 days only, I asked him for the marriage than I left everything to God and him. He convinced his parent and even though he knew my past. He said yes to me. First time in my life, I engaged with him. But it occurs so fast - I will be ever grateful to you.

Vira, USA - Dear sir, thank you for your services. This has given hope in my life, thank u again.

Sam K Bux, U.S.A - Dear Acharya Vinod, - Thank, after using the modified name suggested you, I got a good promotion in my job with an appreciable increment. I also feel relaxed and without tension at present. -Best Regards

P. K. Chand, Canada, -Thanks for your modified name, for my health problem. There is a lot of improvement in it. I will keep you informed about the progress. - regards

Mark Spencer, London - I now use the name suggested by you for my Business I have been flooded with orders from the last few months. I never believed, it could happen - All the best - Mark

Colin Yardley, Canada - Dear Acharya Vinod - I wish to thank you for the Name you provided, It has proven very useful and positive. I am grateful for your knowledge and insight. Thank you for offering your wonderful service. - Yours, in peace and good will.

Avinash, Canada : Thanks for ur e-mail suggesting a modified name. u have a great knowledge, u r great i dont know how to thank u for ur help. its uncomparable and very precious and i would like to thank u very much once again thanks very much.

V. Bharti, India - Dear Acharya Vinod - im so happy to inform you that just after 10 days of using the modified name suggested by you. He has asked me to keep in contact daily This was the first time such a thing had ever happened! its so nice to see the results bearing fruit.. im very thankful to you

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