Shree Vishnu (Narayan) Worship

About Lord Vishnu - Lord Vishnu looks after the life on earth. Godess Lakshmi is his wife. At different times he has appeared on earth in different forms and helped the people.Lord Vishnu puja protects, give prosperity, knowledge and devotion. He is worshipped for happiness and prosperity in life.

Lord Rama. Lord Krishan and Shree Venketesh in South India are an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Offerings to made during worship - Yellow clothes, Yellow flowers, Tulsi leaves, Dhoop, Ghee lamp, Sweets (Navadyam) etc.

Yantra to be used - A Shree Vishnu Shodash Yantra, made on the auspicious day suitable as per your date of birth should be kept before the photo of Lord Vishnu.


Mala (Rosary) of 108 beadsd to be used for repeating the mantra - Tulsi, Rudraksha or White Chandan.

Procedure -. First of all keep a "Shree Vishnu Shodash Yantra" and a photo of Lord Vishnu in front of you and make the offerings of flowers, Sweets and burn dhoop, ghee lamp and repeat the mantra on mala. At least one mala daily is essential and it should be done regularly without any break.

Benefits - Within few days, the devotee starts feeling the blessings from Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Money and prosperity. All hurdles from his path to success are removed and there is an appreciable improvement in his source of income, etc.

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