The mystic power of yantras has been narrated in many sacred books. Lord Shiva explains to his consort Parvati that Yantra is as essential to the Gods as a body is essential for a living being and as oil is essential to the oil lamps. A yantra is essential in every field of your life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, to win in court cases, to ward off diseases and to progress in meditation. By keeping a yantra in a sacred place in your house, gazing it everyday can fulfil your desires and help in attaining your goals.

There are different types of yantras for different purposes.
They can help you to-

***         ATTRACT someone you LOVE or bring back your lost love.

***         Remove obstacles from your way to MARRIAGE.

***         Solve your MONEY problem.

***         Attain success in your BUSINESS

***         Remove your ENEMIES from your way.

***         Bring WEALTH and PROSPERITY to you.

***         Solve your HEALTH problems immediately.

***         Destroy the effect of BLACK MAGIC, if someone has used against you.

***         Help the students to improve in their STUDIES and improve MEMORY.

***         Increase your chances in the LOTTERY & BETS

***         Help you to get a good JOB.

***         Remove the negative effect of different planets from your life, specially SHANI, RAHU & KETU.

***         Help in getting a CHILD to childless couples.

***         Remove the FAMILY DISCORDS and improve health and harmoney between husband and wife.

***         Remove health and Money problems due to VAASTU - DOSH in the wrong architecture of your house.

***         Improve chances of PROMOTION AND CAREER PROSPECTS in your present job.

***         To help you in win, the COURT CASE and defeat your enemies.

***         Bring an immediate success & progress on your way to SPRITUAL PATH.


Any yantra will be more effective to a person, if it is made on time and day auspicious as per his date of birth. The Yantras have to be purified and energized before using it.


Very Important - Any Single Yantra, will not bring the desired result fast. After lot of research & practical experiments, we have made the best combination of different yantras to give you an immediate result.

For Example - If you wish to improve your luck by keeping a "Shree Yantra" alone, it will not bring any satisfactory results, unless accompanied by a "Shree Lagna Yantra". A "SHREE LAGNA YANTRA" is the Yantra made of the different planets at the time of your birth. As you must be aware that, the most lucky and auspicious time for anyone is the moment he or she came into this world. So without taking it into consideration, you cannot improve your luck.

Similarly, without the blessings of Mother Gayatri, you cannot improve your health by only keeping a "Shree Maha-Mritunjaya" Yantra.

Similarly, there are many special Yantras made by us after very carefully considering your problem and analyzing your date of birth.

About initiation and energization of Yantras. Please Note that:-

***        The spiritual yantra made by us are of very high quality and finish. We make them only on the auspicious time as per your date of birth and your name on it. It is made on a composite copper plate and laminated cards, with an overall size of 7" X 7" approximately.

***        Before sending a Yantra we do its proper puja (worship) and its initiation by making offerings in your name in a 6000 old temple of Lord Shiva, Lord Bhairava and Goddess Kali. The blessings from this temple are also sent to you along with the Yantra.

***        After you get the Yantra, we are always available to you on top priority basis to clear any of your doubts and even give you any further suggestion and all FREE.

# Just see, what people have to say about yantras sent by us :-

Marco, U.K. - Dear Acharya Vinod - I bought two yantras off you three months ago and i have had very good success in my BUSINESS and attracting customers. Since. Iím just writing to say thankyou. All the best - Marco

Harish Vaish , U.A.E - I am pleased to inform you that my son has got his JOB in one of the top 50 companies in U. S. I am extremely grateful to you for all that you have done in helping him. I also appreciate your prompt service in this matter.

Susan Iannapollo, USA - You won't believe this - I had to tell you. When I received the yantra sent by you. My husband just called me an hour ago and told me that he was offered a JOB "fact checking" a book by University press. Thank you for your Yantra and for listening!

Vinita Patel, USA Ė Dear Sir, The day I received your message of offering flowers on Yantras for MONEY sent by you to solve my money problem, I tried this the very next day and my daughter found money next day. Again thank you for the suggestion.

"Trapp, Vanis" USA - Thank you, The yantra for LOTTERY worked even before I received it. For months when I played the lottery I never hit a single number. On April 12, 2002 I hit three numbers. - Regards

Vimmi, India - Iím so happy to inform you that just after 10 days of keeping yantra for LOVE with me, i received a short mail from his side telling me that he loved me and asked me to mail him more often! This was the first time such a thing had ever happened! - warm regards